Low Cost USA Made Budget Western Saddles

Western saddles for trail and pleasure.  All USA made with high quality American leather and materials.  5 year tree warranty on all western trail saddles, all are available in your choice of seat size and semi quarter or full quarter tree.  Some saddles offer additional upgrades as well, however, to keep the prices on these saddles low we do not offer all of the custom options that are included with our other saddles.  As a result, these saddles often have a shorter build time, and most will be shipped within 1-3 weeks of your order.


"Budget" saddles are great saddles for all trail riding, and while they are very economical, they are built to be used and to last!  Budget western saddles are great for first saddles, youth saddles, young horse saddles, or for that situation where you get the kids a horse, but don't want to spend a pile on a saddle until you know the kids are going to stay interested and help with caretaking.  Very economical, comfortable saddles.  Most feature 2" fender straps run right through the fenders, with roller buckle stirrup adjustment.  These saddles are made with smaller cuts of leather which keeps the price down, and are lighterweight as a side benefit. 


If comparing the "Budget" western trail saddles and the other saddles, you will notice the regular trail saddles have wider fenders and straps that run under the fender instead of through for longer, heavier fender straps, with blevins buckles for stirrup adjustment.  Regular trail saddles also have one piece of leather for the entire jockey, larger skirts, breastcollar D's and stainless steel hardware. 

Go Light Square Skirt - 19 lbs.

MHC8 - Go Light Square Skirt - 19 lbs.

Your price: $632.00

Light Rider

MHC1-5 - Light Rider

Your price: $620.00

Go Light Cordura Saddle

MHC7 - Go Light Cordura Saddle

Your price: $616.00

Flex tree Barrel Saddle 27 lbs

MHB9 - Flex tree Barrel Saddle 27 lbs

Your price: $810.00

Roughout Racer

MHB5 - Roughout Racer

Your price: $730.00

Barrel Saddle B2

MHB2 - Barrel Saddle B2

Your price: $730.00