Have a custom western saddle built just for you and your horse!

Custom Saddle Checklist

These are the choices/options to take into consideration when ordering your Mountain Horse custom built saddle. (More instructions/details below)

1.  Saddle tree type/size

2.  Saddle model

3. Seat size

15", 16" and 17" are standard sizes at the standard pricing.  We also offer 13", 14", 18", 19", 20" and 21" (e'mail us for pricing)

4. Leather color

5. Seat type

6. Seat color

7. Tooling

8. Underside padding of saddle

9.  Additional rings, Montana silver or strings if desired

10. Custom fit of fenders if needed

11. Upgrade nylon latigo and off billet to leather if desired

12.  Add additional tack or upgrade stirrups 

Talk about choices!  Comfort and fit for both horse and rider with beauty and style!

Here's a checklist of items to think about when ordering a Mountain Horse saddle:  

1. To get started, determine the best fit for your horse and the type of tree you desire based on your equine's breed and build:

The material the saddle tree is made from is not as important as the fit of the tree.  Whether polymer, flex or wood, the trees are made from strong durable material. 

We strongly recommend our saddle tree fitting program, so you can ensure you get the best, most comfortable fit for you horse or mule! 

Types of trees:

Heavy duty polymer trees in 6 ½” gullet (semi-QH) or 7” gullet (full QH) and mule trees (narrow and wide) are available.  The polymer tree is only available in seat sizes 15”-17”.

Flex trees in traditional quarter horse bars (6 1/2" gullet), full quarter horse bars (7" gullet) are available in size 15" to 17" (CLICK HERE to learn more about the benefits of a flex tree.)  

Wooden trees wrapped in fiberglass come in all different sizes/types including Gaited, Draft, Friesian, Mule, Semi and Full QH, A fork, Wade, Bowman roper, etc.  

We have one size of gaited flex tree, 7.5" gullet, 16" or 17" seat only.  

Large seat sizes 18"- 21" are available in wood trees for QH, gaited, draft, Friesian and mule.

The best way to determine the tree you need is to have us send you the tree to try out the fit for your horse prior to having your saddle built.  See our FAQ's for some ideas on picking the right tree for your horse.  See our Saddlefitting 101 to find out more about the saddle tree fitting procedure!

2.  Pick a saddle design: 

Review the Mountain Horse Saddles in the on-line store.  Saddle descriptions (“view options”) will let you know if the saddle design you want is available in the tree size you desire.  Not all saddles are available on all different trees.  Click here to select a saddle design.    

3. Determine the options you want:

Leather color, seat type and color, tooling, etc.  Take a look at our Saddle Options page.  Pricing on tooling and stamping varies--contact us if you need more information.   Custom tooling is available at an additional cost.  Upgraded leather is now available. 

4.  Pick a seat size that fits you:

Because you spend long hours in the saddle, you want comfort also!  If you have a saddle you ride currently that fits well...measure that seat from the front of the seat to the top of the cantle.  That is your seat measurement.  Our seat measurements are a true measurement.  So, if you are unsure of the size you need...take a measuring tape and measure out 15", 16", 17" or whatever size you think you will need.  Sit on the tape and visualize that you will have the pommel in front of you, the cantle behind you.  Determine what size seems like the right amount of room for you.  Seat size is based some on your size, but more on your preference.  Some people like a tight fit..others prefer a little more room to move.  

Seat sizes offered from 15" to 17" as well as special orders for larger 18”-21”(wood trees only).  Larger seat sizes cost more because of the additional leather and materials needed.

5.  Other options:

Montana silver is available for show saddles—prices vary.  If you would like to add the silver accents, please e’mail Wyoming Saddlery at for pricing.

We can also add additional saddle strings, dee rings and other rings if the saddle model you want doesn't already have them where you want them!  Price varies. 

Do normal western saddle fenders not fit you?  We can custom build fenders in shorter lengths or longer to comfortably fit you.  Cost is usually around $30.00. 

6.  Determine what tack you need to go with your saddle:
Please CLICK HERE to choose your matching leather accessories!   Matching headstalls, reins, covered stirrups, breastcollar, rear cinch and breeching  can be ordered through the on-line store also. 

We can change the stirrup type if desired. 

Montana Silver Additions

And MORE Testimonials:

"Hi from Florida!  Thought I'd give you an update on us. As you remember, you sent us quite a few saddle trees until you found the one that fit Penny. She is the 28 year old Saddlebred show queen....
We did 5 miles today. Me, the 59 year old lady rode 5 miles today and am still walking afterwards.  Penny loves the saddle and now moves out so well at the walk that everyone else on the ride has to trot or canter to catch up to us.  Works for me as we can just walk (amble?) and stay with the pack. I'm finally having enough trouble with my knees to complain, and am having a series of acid shots to try to fix the arthritis. So riding 5 miles today( mostly that fantastic walk) is wonderful!  So thank you, thank you for this wonderful saddle. I believe it's why she is moving as well as she is and why I'm moving as well as I am"  <grin>. Sue


Another testimonial!

" liked the stirrups on my saddle that I got from you so much that I had to order a pair for my other saddle. My riding instructor likes the saddle that I got from you; she says that my body position is better in it that in my Crates saddle. It fits my horse perfectly.  I am very pleased with your company and your service."  Anne B 

Worth the Wait

Because most of our saddle are custom built at the time of order, it takes three to six weeks to build your saddle (depends on style and tree availability).  Getting exactly what you want and need in a quality custom saddle is worth the extra time, especially when it's also for the right price to fit your budget! 

You will be notified of build time for your saddle when you place your order.  

Mountain Horse Saddles are proudly Made in America!

4th of July 2005/Laurel, MT

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