Gaited Horse Saddles

Any of our saddles can be make with a Gaited tree.  













What makes a saddle tree a GAITED tree? The gullet is taller than a standard horse tree and the front of the tree is flared outward so it will not interfere with the shoulder of the gaited horse. This specific design allows your gaited horse to easily move into his/her gaits!. You have a choice of 2 different gaited tree sizes in a wood tree--wide or narrow, as well as a gaited flex tree in the wide size.  

The gaited saddles accommodate any breed of horse/mule with more angle especially if they have a lot of angle to the top line. Horses/Mules with big shoulders (which includes most quarter horses) and horses/mules that have a prominent wither (Thoroughbred) may be more comfortable in a gaited tree.  If you are not sure of your horse's build, but know that a "regular" quarter horse tree does not seem to work well for your horse/mule you may want to think about a saddle with a gaited tree.


If you have questions about which tree would work best for your Horse/Mule, please take a moment to look at our Custom Fit Program 


Deluxe Trail Gaited Saddle-30 lbs

MHG2 - Deluxe Trail Gaited  Saddle-30 lbs

Your price: $1,285.00
Elite Gaited

MHG10 - Elite Gaited

Your price: $1,725.00


Your price: $1,725.00

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