horse camping equipment

horse camping equipment horse camping equipment


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horse camping equipment

Horse camping equipment are vital pieces of equipment out in the trail especially if you don't plan to walk back to your camp. Horse camping equipment have now acquired a certain sophistication, where formerly they were only pieces of rope tied to form a hi-line, now trail riders have the option of bringing their own portable horse corral so that the horses might be bedded down securely. Some of these corrals may even be equipped with some 'electrical fencing' so that the horses stay securely in their portable corral. The portable corral is just one of the modern innovations in trail riding. No longer do riders 'rough it out' when on the trail, with a lot of advances in materials, a trail rider can bring just about anything he needs on the trail, even conveniences such as hot showers and tent heaters. All a rider needs is the know-how to pack these things so that the pack animals can carry these items in full comfort and safety. And if comfort and safety are your priorities in trail riding and you believe that having the best equipment is foremost for comfort and safety, then you must visit MontanaMountainHorse online to get your equipment and gear.

MontanaMountainHorse has all the gear and equipment you need for trail riding, especially those horse camping equipment to secure your horses and pack animals. One of the best equipment you can buy at MontanaMountainHorse is saddles. They got all kinds of saddles - trail riding, gaited horse saddles, draft horse saddles, mule trail saddles and Cordura/Leather saddles. And to ensure the good fit of saddles when you buy them for your horses, they have the EQUImeasure kit, a moldable piece of hard mat that matches the contours of the backs of your horses to ensure a snug fit. The EQUImeasure mat can even be used to help you find the kind of pack and pannier that fits you pack horses or mules snugly. You can even get matching tacks like breastcollars, cinch ring protectors, rear girth, V-brow headstall, LegSavers, tapadarros, draft horse straight brow head stalls and mule headstalls and browband unsnaps, buddy stirrups, MH breechings, cruppers, split leather reins, latigo, and off billets. And what good is getting your horses all of these gear and equipment if they won't be around for you to ride them? You can get sturdy ropes for make-shift horse camping equipment from Montana.MountainHorse. And a good addition to the horse camping equipment are the stock care materials such as hobbles, nosebags, canvas water carriers, hay bags and feed bags.

MontanaMountainHorse also sells a complete line of packs and panniers like the Sawbuck Not-a-Knot and Decket Not-a-Knot systems of panniers, the TrailMax Pack-a-Saddle, HorsePac panniers, hook sets, canvass and leather panniers, weighing scales and manties, lash and manty ropes and cinchers, in addition to the horse camping equipment. And to make your trail rides a little more interesting, why not get additional outdoors gear and equipment from MontanaMountainHorse? They've got gears and equipments for such activities as fishing, camping and hunting. MontanaMountainHorse supplies all kinds of things for fly fishing, from rods to reels, to fly bait tying equipment. Their line of reels is simply the best, made by such manufacturers as Okuma, Expedition and Voyager. And for game hunting, they got all kinds of game processing tools and equipment. Tools that will make sure you process your game trophy enough to make it fit your pack containers. From knives to scabbards, to hoists and gambrels, MontanaMountainHorse has what you need to enjoy the game you caught on the trail. So the next time you plan to hit the trail, don't forget to do your equipment shopping at MontanaMountainHorse to make the trail ride all the more memorable for you and your trail partners.

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