18Lb. Western Saddles for Trail, or Pleasure

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not able to build a cordura saddle at this time. We hope to be able to begin production them soon.

These lightweight western saddles are tough and durable for all your riding needs .  We use a high quality, durable cordura material for the fenders and skirts of these saddles.  This reduces weight  while still allowing you to have a very functional, tough saddle.  The jockeys, pommel, cantle and seat are all leather.  The fender straps are also lined with leather for reinforcement.  There are lots of options available on these saddles.  We can add rigging, britchen and crupper rings, upgrade the lining, add ties, tooling, put different stirrups on and we can even add 3-way rigging on the front.   Please call  47-670-2144 or email  us at to order options not listed on the individual product pages. 

What are the advantages of Cordura saddle vs. an all Leather saddle ?

1.  Lightweight!  18 lbs. vs. 30+ lbs. for most all leather saddles.

2.  Easy to clean, cordura can be washed off with soap and water.

3.  Easy on the legs and knees, cordura is very flexible so there's virtually no resistance against your knees and ankles.