5 Star and Diamond Wool Pads
2WB - 5 Star Horse Saddle Pad

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2WMB - 5 Star Mule Saddle Pad

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2WN - 30x30 Horse Pad 
Natural Color

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2WNM - 5 Star Mule Pad Natural

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5 Star

5 Star Contoured Saddle Pad

100% Wool Contoured to Fit Horses and Mules, the benefits of wool include 20% less cinching, 3X more compression Protection than synthetic neoprene pad.

Even Weight Distribution and Impact Absorption, 4X Greater Wicking Ability, Eliminates Heat Build-up, 2000+ hours of Riding Protection, SOFT AND DURABLE, EASY TO CLEAN


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The only pad we recommend is a Good quality wool pad. Reason being is that there is no need to add some gimmick to make you want buy. It is the best there is at wicking moisture, removing heat away from you horses body and great for impact. It also reduces the need to cinch so tight that you horse cannot breath. Helps with saddle movement. Why try to replace what nature  has already given us that is the best.

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Diamond Wool Pads

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