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MH Tensleep Gaited Cordura-19 lbs

Your price:  $928.00 - $1,086.50

Cordura Color: 
Leather Color: 
Gaited Wood Tree-choose size: 
Seat Sizes: 
Slick Seat Colors: 
Inskirt 3 way rigging for front cinch (+$40.00): 
: instead of slits for rear cinchAdd Rear Cinch Dee Rings (+$20.00): 
: instead of nylonLeather Latigo and Off Billet (+$44.50): 
: instead of nickel conchosSub Montana Silver Conchos (+$54.00): 

Same as the Go Light but with added slick leather seat,6 nickel conchos, 6 saddle strings.

Built on either a 6.5"or 7.0" gullet wood gaited tree. Can be built on any tree you need.

Standard sizes are 14"-17".