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Order a saddle tree to check fit
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Make sure you get the saddle that fits your horse or mule!

Try the saddle tree on your horse prior to having a saddle built. Shipping a saddle tree requires a $150.00 deposit plus shipping. The $150.00 deposit is applied to the purchase price of Wyoming saddlery saddle.
Wyoming Saddlery has a goal to not only sell you a saddle, but to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. To achieve that goal, Wyoming Saddlery offers you help with saddle fitting. 

For Wyoming Saddlery brand saddles, you can choose to have a actual saddle tree sent to you! You then put the saddle tree on your horse, take pictures (instructions will be sent to you), email the pictures to  and expert saddle fitters will evaluate the fit for you. From the pictures, the saddle fitter and saddle maker can tell what adjustments need to be made to ensure that your horse has the most comfortable fit possible.

Saddle trees available for fitting purposes:
6.5" Semi QH polymer or 7" Full QH polymer tree

6 ½" flex tree (semi QH). This saddletree flexes to about 6 ¾" when pressure is applied (rider in saddle).

7" flex tree (full QH). This saddletree flexes to about 7 ¼" when pressure is applied (rider in saddle).

6 ½" gaited wood tree* Good fit for not only gaited horses, but for horses with a narrow high wither, sway back or big dip behind the wither that aren't exceptionally broad otherwise. Usually a good fit for most Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds.

7" gaited wood tree* Good fit for MOST gaited horses and other breeds that have big shoulders or lots of shoulder action.  Gaited trees were specifically designed for the gaited horse breeds. Bars on these trees are flared outward (angled more) and designed to fit toplines with more angles (i.e. bigger shoulders).  They aid the gaited horse in comfortably moving into their natural gaits. Work for other breeds too -- we fit a lot of big shouldered QH's in gaited trees.   

Draft wood tree:  Draft horse trees are specifically built for your draft or larger horse. The bars are flatter to fit a broader back. Usually send 7" or 7.5" for fitting...can build in 8" gullet as well

Friesian wood tree--great design for a Friesian horse or an "extra wide" gaited horse. Fit other draft and large horses as well that have a tall wither and/or big shouders, but are still broad.

6.5" or 7" Mule polymer tree  We recommend the mule polymer trees over the flex for most mules. The polymer bars are straighter and fit most very straight backed mules better than the flex

NEW--now have a flex gaited tree in a 7" gullet size (seat size 15,16 and 17 only) Please do not order this tree for fitting if you need a different seat size. It does not fit exactly the same as a 7" gaited wood tree, it is a little wider.

Saddle trees ship UPS Ground. (Because of the box size required, USPS does not calculate shipping correctly through the webstore)


For all saddle fit evaluations that do not result in a saddle build, an evaluation fee of $100.00 is taken out of the $150 deposit if the customer should choose not to have a saddle built for any reason. .  Customers must notify us by email at  within one week of the FINAL fit evaluation of their decision or the deposit will not be refunded. 

Wyoming Saddlery will not refund saddle tree deposits to customers that do not send us saddle fitting pictures and allow us to do a saddle fit evaluation.  We need to be able to evaluate the tree fit to determine what modifications, if any, are needed to get a comfortable fit for your horse.  If you want a saddle built on a  3rd party evaluation, or on what you say is needed, we do not guarantee the fit and therefore all sales are final on these saddles. We don't mind if you have a 3rd party look at it.  We just won't build a saddle based on their recommendation.  We need to see the pictures ourselves.
Please let us know if you run into any delays....we are easy to work with as long as you keep in contact with us.  We do ask that you try to place your saddle order within the week following the final saddle fit evaluation.  If you aren't having a saddle built, we need to know within one week of the final fitting evaluation, or we will not refund the deposit.  We also need to have your saddle order placed within one month of the final fitting evaluation or your deposit is forfeited (i.e. the deposit can't be applied to a saddle build 2 mos, 6 mos or a year later).  Think of it like a motel reservation, where if you don't cancel your reservation by 6 pm, you pay for the night.  In our case, your deposit secures your place (reservation) in our production schedule.   

We keep a paper file on each customer for 7 years, but due to limits on email storage space, we only keep digital pics for 2mos.

CHECK OUT THE TREE FITTING INSTRUCTIONS  /my_files/uploads/Tree_Fitting_Instructions.doc