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Bucking Roll
2R Bucking Rolls

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The bucking rolls are two padded pouches that are added to the front of the saddle seat to supplement the swells and help a rider stay in the saddle. They are designed to be used with slick fork saddles which have very little width to their swells.

bucking rolls
The two rolls are connected in the center with a leather strap. They’re created with a curved shape to conform to the contour of the saddle. They're attached to the saddle with saddle strings or screws.



Some people wonder why anyone would choose a slick fork saddle and then add bucking rolls. Why not just get a swell fork saddle to begin with, they ask?

Well, they have their place. For one thing they are relatively easily attached and detached, making them handy for folks who use their saddle for different activities. Someone may put them on when they’re starting young colts, but take them off when they’re going to do some long distance riding. Some folks just prefer the fit of a slick fork saddle with soft bucking rolls over that of a hard swell fork saddle. And some folks just think they look cool.