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Teton Comfort Trail Saddle

MHM9-A - Teton Comfort Trail Saddle

Your price: $1,282.00
Endurance Comfort Trail Elite*Approx 26 lbs

MHE7 - Endurance Comfort Trail Elite*Approx 26 lbs

Your price: $1,425.00
All Around Show

MHWP2 - All Around Show

Your price: $1,150.00
Wise River Trail-33 lbs

MHWP3 - Wise River Trail-33 lbs

Your price: $994.00
Deluxe Trail Saddle-30 lbs

MHWP1 - Deluxe Trail Saddle-30 lbs

Your price: $1,060.00
Ridgeline Half-Seat

MHWP4 - Ridgeline Half-Seat

Your price: $1,976.00
Broadview Trail Saddle-27 lbs

MHWP5 - Broadview Trail Saddle-27 lbs

Your price: $770.00
Go Light Cordura/Leather- 18 lbs.

WP6 - Go Light Cordura/Leather- 18 lbs.

Your price: $666.00
Connie's Rose Western Trail Saddle

MHWP7 - Connie's Rose Western Trail Saddle

Your price: $1,150.00
Teton Mule/Horse Trail Saddle--28 lbs

MHM9 - Teton Mule/Horse Trail Saddle--28 lbs

Your price: $962.00
Canyon Trail Rider

MHWP8 - Canyon Trail Rider

Your price: $1,050.00
Rustic Trail

MHWP9 - Rustic Trail

Your price: $990.00
Libby Show Saddle

MHWP10 - Libby Show Saddle

Your price: $1,238.00
Close Contact Trail-32 lbs

MHWP11 - Close Contact Trail-32 lbs

Your price: $920.00
Cowboy Saddle

MHWP12 - Cowboy Saddle

Your price: $1,164.00
Kalispell Show Saddle

MHWP13 - Kalispell Show Saddle

Your price: $990.00
Deluxe Trail Saddle - Black 30 lbs.

MHWP14 - Deluxe Trail Saddle - Black 30 lbs.

Your price: $1,060.00
Paradise Valley Trail Saddle-30 lbs

MHWP15 - Paradise Valley Trail Saddle-30 lbs

Your price: $940.00
Wise River Flex Tree Saddle -32 lbs.

MHWP16 - Wise River Flex Tree Saddle -32 lbs.

Your price: $1,118.00
Shelby Trail Saddle-28 lbs

MHWP17 - Shelby Trail Saddle-28 lbs

Your price: $780.00
The "Ridge Rider" Saddle

MHWP18 - The Ridge Rider Saddle

Your price: $998.00
Bullet Saddle

MHWP1A - Bullet Saddle

Your price: $1,350.00


Hi Girls! Skylar and I went on yet another Big Camping Adventure this last weekend, put on by our local Back Country Horsemen. I had a friend snap some fotos of us, in a "usin' situation", and thought I'd send them along. Skylar and I traversed 3 mountains in 6.5 hours (in one day!) in some of the most rugged trail conditions I have ever experienced (survived!). And I'm happy to report that HE was not sore at all, thanks to your saddles (note his happy attitude after 4 hours of riding RUGGED terrain!). They are not only show-stopping beautiful (talk about attention getters!), but kept him sound the whole weekend! I will forever be a loyal fan, and humbly grateful. YOU ROCK!

Cindy Lou and Skylar:

Cindy & Skylar's Tuxedo Saddle:



"I just wanted to say again how much I like the trail saddle. It fits my short-backed, mutton-shouldered QH, and has quickly become supple and comfortable. It only took a couple days for the stirrups to turn. I realized it is truly a winner when we hit the steep trails around our barn and I felt so secure! I'm comfortable, my horse is comfortable, and even my trainer likes it, so what more could we ask for? Everyone comments on how nice the saddle is, and when I tell them what I paid for it they are shocked. Thanks again for your help."

Testimonial from a customer who has purchased THREE Mountain Horse custom saddles:
It has arrived!!!  It is one of the most beautiful saddles I have ever seen – the tooling is gorgeous!  I will send pictures but they cannot do justice to the carving – especially with the black color!  The saddle is also mercifully much lighter in weight than I expected – my little mare and I thank you on that!! the sheepskin lining is also extremely plush, I am not as worried about the padding anymore.
I will be using my bee-yoo-ti-ful saddle next week as I have the time off between Christmas and New Year and my husband and I plan to go riding in our Mt Horse saddles! I will send you pictures now and in the spring when we can bathe our very mud-y horses and they can show off their saddles better!!
Have to tell you the brown seat is a perfect compliment to the black leather – very rich looking.  The tooling also rivals the quality I have in my vintage saddle – excellent.  Your carver outdid himself on this saddle and on Morgan’s (we get compliments on her saddle wherever we go). 
I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!!
p.s.  I forgot to order a breast collar to match!  I will do that after the New Year!!"

Why buy our trail saddles?

Reason Number One:  You get an excellent quality saddle at an affordable price!

Wyoming Saddlery, Inc.  builds saddles from excellent quality trees and leather with workmanship you can place confidence in.

At Wyoming Saddlery, Inc, we're all Mule and horse owners too. We know the expenses that go with Mules/ horses--board, feed, training, vet bills, tack and more.  We wanted to provide excellent quality saddles, but still have them be affordable for the recreational horse owner/rider.

It wasn't an easy search to find the perfect combination of excellent quality saddles at affordable prices, however, we did it! Wyoming Saddlery, Inc saddles are made by experienced saddle makers here in the USA with several years of experience. WE keep our costs low so the saddles are more affordable, but Wyoming Saddlery, Inc. saddles are still top quality.

Reason Number Two: You can find a saddle that fits the horse you own.

Wyoming Saddlery, Inc. provides help with saddle fit (see our "Saddlefitting 101") and has saddles that fit Draft horses, Gaited horses and Mules as well as Quarter Horses and other breeds.

Reason Number Three: You have a lot of choices and options.

You can have your saddle custom built in the leather color, tooling, seat size, and more options of your choosing! Make it uniquely your own. See our color selections and toolings on our Saddle Options page.

Reason Number Four: Your peace of mind.

Because we help you fit your horse with our tree fitting program, we ensure the best possible fit. We can also make modifications such as shortening the bars/skirts of a saddle for a short backed horse...or custom building wood trees with a wider or narrower width. We also make suggestions for the best type of saddle pad if we see a need. There are also manufacturer's warranties on the saddle trees (which vary depending on the type of tree).

Reason Number Five: Superb Customer Service.

We actually do very little paid advertising...a lot of our sales are from repeat customers and referrals.  For as long as you own horses or participate in horse recreation, we want you as our customer. We're going to take the time to build a relationship with you that's built on trust. If you enjoy our products, let us know. And please, let your friends know too! 

Testimonials from Wyoming Saddlery Saddle Customers



"I just wanted to write and let you know that I received the saddle last Friday - IT IS GORGEOUS! The quality of workmanship is awesome - when it is not on my horse - we keep it in the living room on a stand for all to see! We paid less for my new saddle than for my husband's used one - and it is so much nicer than his (I think he's jealous!) Your advice and updates throughout the process are very much appreciated - again - thank your crew for me... Thank you - thank you - thank you!"





It was a pleasure meeting with you at the Expo and "building the saddle".  I appreciate the great customer service - willingness to offer suggestions, but with no pressure - really good salesmanship.
Actually, it has been totally positive working with you through this entire process, especially your attention to detail with flaring and re-angling the draft tree to fit my horse.
Also, thank you very much for the Expo discount - yet more good customer service.

I will patiently await the arrival of the saddle and will give you feedback and send some pics.

Best regards,



 Hi Bill
I just want to thank you so very much for my saddle
I have been riding in it 3 times now and both I and my pony love it.
Even that she is sooo round, it sits perfectly.
She moves out very well in it, and the seat and position is extremely
comfortable for me, usually I find myself adjusting my position regularly
when riding but not now!

Thank you again for all your hard work and persistence in getting this right
for me, Carina my Fjord and I can't thank you enough.
New Zealand


  Bill, Just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful saddle!! I went out for a very nice ride on my Paso Fino (Amigo) yesterday,as we were basking in the sunshine here in PA yesterday, the saddle fits him wonderfully and is very comfortable for myself also!!! He also looks very cute in the sky blue color of the seat, he is a dark,solid bay. Have a wonderful week.

"Got the saddle LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!Much better quality than big horn or abetta, I'll let my friends know about you. Thanks much"tara


Hi Bill
Just thought I would send you an email to say thank you so much for the beautiful tack you made... It had to sit in the box as I wasn't allowed to open it till my birthday.
I put it on Gypsy today and have included a couple of pics for you to see..  It matches the saddle perfectly

Love the bridle its subtle but with a little bling... It really suits her..  Have posted it on Facebook to and have had a number of admirers..
Thanks again
Kind regards

Lisa charman
New Zealand



 Good Morning !! I received the Breast collar Yesterday and tried it on today.  WOW!! it is Gorgeous !!  This one is in an entirely different league than the first one.  Latigo lined and beveled smooth edges underneath and fleece lined center piece.  THe conchos are big and beautiful.  Thanks once again.  Do you want more money for the Breast Collar? - you Deserve it.  Thank whoever made it.  This Weekend is a Big fall event - three days camping and two days riding.  My saddle will turn some eyes for sure - I will let them know who made it!!  I will try to get some photos for you too. 
Sep 27, 2012




"Rode with the saddle yesterday. Like it very much. Going for a 2 hour trail ride tomorrow and feel that it will be comfortable even brand new. That, easy break in, and the light weight is what I learned to like about those cordura saddles. I'm 63 and broke my shoulder about 3 years ago. My horse is 16 hands high and I just can't put my 45lb roping saddle up on him anymore. Once again. It is a beautiful and comfortable saddle. Also, your service is terrific too."


2nd e-mail: "Went on a 2 1/2 hour trail ride, using my new saddle. It's very comfortable. I'm very happy with it."
"Just wanted to touch base. The saddle is great. Fits very well (I don't quite know how you guys did it.... I couldn't get much of a feel from looking at the trees, but you guys nailed it!) Thanks,"
"The saddle is wonderful and it fits like a dream! Thanks so very much for all of your wonderful help! I've been singing your praises to everyone who sees the saddle and comments how nice it is"
"Just wanted to let you know that the draft horse saddle I purchased from you is great. I just came back from my first "in the mountains" trail ride with my half draft, Pete. I was comfortable and I believe he was too! Thanks for your help"
 This is to inform you the draft horse saddle I purchased from you is great. Very comfortable for the rider and the horse. I'm not the only one who thinks so. My 4 kids also ride and have mentioned it to me. The stirrups and seat fit well and all of us are built differently. We have 6 other saddles and that one is a hit. Please pass it on to your saddle maker. Thank You again"
"Just wanted to let you know that we received the saddle this evening and it is beautiful. The tooling was larger than I expected, very masculine and westerny (Navajo). My husband is very happy with it and can't wait to try it on Earl (mule) and go for a ride. I will take a picture of it... Again, thank you very much, we love it and will let you know how it fits Earl."
"I GOT THE SADDLE AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL. The black seat and latigos was the way to go. It looks really sharp!! I can hardly wait to go riding. I'll take the camera along and get some pictures. The leather work is good and I like the design on the flank straps. Thanks again so much. Really appreciate your help in picking the right saddle tree, design, etc."
Colleen & Congo
"I just wanted to give you some feed back on our saddle. The work is beautiful! It fits our horse well... we are very pleased. Thank you for your work."
"I love my saddle!!! You are right, it's light and I can throw it up on her. THANK YOU, THANK YOU."
"I got my saddle today, and it is beautiful, and very comfortable!!!!!! Thank you! I put it on Nugget and he gaited very well for me. fits him great! I was really surprised that it was as light as it is! I LOVE IT! Thanks again! I want to order a bridle next to match the saddle! The leather is so wonderful and I'm glad that I ordered it oiled. I did neatsfoot it like you said, but it was soooo comfortable, before I put the oil on it. The breast strap is so beautiful too! He looks so handsome all dressed up! Thanks you were wonderful to work with!"
2nd e-mail "My saddle is just as comfortable as it is beautiful!!! Nugget gaites so beautiful in it, we gaited for about 1 hr straight at the clinic. That is the longest time ever. I had problems just keeping him in his gait before purchasing your saddle. I can now mount without a block, I guess that's because Nugget has the correct size saddle! Thanks again!"
"The saddle arrived yesterday. It IS BEAUTIFUL. I haven't tried it on Rosie yet but will tomorrow. Please tell the saddle maker that he/she did a beautiful job and all the border stuff- wow. Even the off side billet is decorated. Thank you! And thank you Melissa for all your help. Can't wait to try it on."
"I honestly don't know what to say to properly convey what this means to Echo......... From the bottom of our hearts we thank all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can hardly wait til it gets here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will do all the steps you recommended and will even send you a picture the first time she rides in it. Thanks again, for everything,"
"Hey Melissa, I really like my new saddle. I've ridden many a different type of saddle, but this one is in the top 2 for fit and comfort. It's definitely the best fitting, most comfortable saddle I have ever owned. It's beauty adds to it. Really satisfied. Thanks Melissa. Oh, you may notice that we have solved the problem of his low front. Changing his shoes (thick, heavy, plantation type on the front and light, thin ones on the back) coupled with the saddle fit and raised saddle pad really does the trick. My trainer was really impressed with your work. In fact he wants the info on your company in case he has to recommend a saddlery to other clients."
Don (gaited show saddle)
"I had the chance to try the saddle out this weekend. It fit great. I was able to cue Ed into his gait without a whole lot of fuss. I think it's a keeper. It was so comfortable for me to ride as well. Thanks again for a great saddle. It was worth the wait."
"I received my saddle today. It is absolutely beautiful. I am going to try it on my horse tomorrow! I will also pass the word to all my horse friends down here in LA! THANK YOU!"
"Melissa: Thank you so much for all your help. I will recomend your company to anyone who wants to know. You have been very patient and wonderful."
"I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help and support in selecting and purchasing this saddle.  It sure has made things easier. And, my hubby is eyeballing it with envy..."
Hi Melissa, my new saddle arrived and I like it a lot! The custom tooling looks just like I envisioned! I really appreciate the great customer service you have provided. I will definitely order from your company again and recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks so much!"
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